zen ghetto band history
in the early 90s, bands like nirvana, pearl jam and soundgarden dominated the airwaves, spawning a whole new genre of rock that was immediately embraced by generation x-ers around the globe. but another trend made its mark on the music world in the grunge-saturated 90s. in a dorito-littered dorm room somewhere in sonoma county, a small group of college misfits known as the zen ghetto band was brewing its own brand of half-baked rock/noise/folk/pop. although never signed to a major label, the scrappy bunch managed to dump truckloads of demo tapes onto the desks of unsuspecting managers, agents and a&r reps across the country. they were so pissed.

it soon became apparent that the zen ghetto boys would not reach the heights of fame and fortune promised by so many sunset boulevard music publishers. in 1997 the band dissolved, its members cast into the harsh florescent lighting of the 12-hour-workday and the internet startup lifestyle.

today, precious little is left of that wacky pack of desperate musicians once known as the zen ghetto band. a few blurry photos. a handful of demo tapes snatched up by fanatical ebay scavengers. and these mp3s.

>> special update <<
the fabled zgb demo tapes were recently discovered somewhere in oakland, and a limited quantity of remastered cds were pressed. order your free copy today.

:: *another (demo)
:: *satisfied (demo)
:: *jamie (demo)
:: *anything (demo)
:: *tobi (an oldie)
:: *california
:: talk
:: try again
:: lost

* recent addition
:: fire fire
:: cathy's day
:: cobe kurtbain
:: about you
:: tobi
:: breathe again
:: strange sheets
:: cruel and unusual
:: til you come home

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