the meaning of cacaw!
cacaw! is always spelled with an exclamation point. cacaw! members speak in hushed tones about the virtues of phoebe cates. cacaw! would like to hurt you. cacaw! members know at least 9 different ways to prepare an egg. cacaw! is the password used to round the troops after work on poker night. cacaw! was chosen as the password to maintain secrecy so that non-members would not be insulted. they would only assume that there was an exotic bird of some kind somewhere in the building. cacaw! has a gold(esque) bracelet. cacaw! validates parking. cacaw! would like to make promises to you, then break them and laugh. cacaw! has a pewter(ish) trophy. cacaw! members don't leave, they disappear. cacaw! loves you.

all things cacaw!
:: the wall of champions
:: the bracelet
:: the trophy (that's right)
:: the blog
:: the cacaw! players (soon!)

some poker sites:
:: - our site of choice
:: - for home game fanatics
:: - helpful tips and whatnot
:: phil "crybaby" hellmuth
:: howard "the professor" lederer
:: full tilt poker - a bunch of cool pros

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